PAKRA people-management tools offer a decision-support system for managing your employees from application to exit. With easy-to-use and intuitive PAKRA® Console and PAKRA® Analytics, you can predict, track and manage learning ability, work process and employee performance.

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  • Access all game-play results, performance metrics and learning documents, as well as coaching activities, in real time through your web-hosted PAKRA® Console. Console lets you
    • Benchmark game players against their peers
    • Launch PAKRA® Friends for informal learning using social media and gamification
    • Import and store real work-performance data
    • Use PAKRA's coaching and mentoring database
    • Integrate with existing/legacy CRM and ERP systems

  • Deepen your business intelligence (BI) with the multilayered PAKRA® Analytics database. Analytics uses heuristically acquired knowledge to evolve game content and training as you learn and benchmark. Analytics lets you
    • Access reports, dashboard and export features in one convenient place
    • Utilize statistical tools such as ANOVA, control charts and statistical testing
    • Track statistical measurement and analyses of game-play performance, real work performance, and training and coaching activities — and the relationship among all three
    • Benchmark your company against industry competition

Recruiters, trainers and managers can now continually ensure employees have required training and decision-making skills — before they interact with your prospects and customers — and remain sure they are maintaining your high standards throughout their tenure with your company.

Predictive modeling with PAKRA® HCM systems lets you confidently predict and plan for the future of your company and your industry. With PAKRA® solutions, you can manage work processes such as

  • Brand Management
  • Lead Generation and Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Order/Service Management
  • Customer Service and Service Recovery
  • Cash and Billing Management

See how PAKRA® Console and PAKRA® Analytics work for you.

PAKRA® User Experience Design Principles

Learning Methodologies:

Kirkpatrick Level 4 and Bloom's taxonomy–based learning delivery and critical-thinking skills

"Intuitive Design" to SaaS platform:

100% of users rate it "very easy-to-use"

Change Management: Applied to all deployments in order to increase user adoption relentlessly

Domain Expertise: Process, Industry, Interaction modality (email, IM/chat, phone/voice, face-to-face, social media), Business Intelligence, Learning, Analytics, Skills retention

Design: Movie-production and "Serious Games" design to create custom games and provides a remarkable learning experience