See How PAKRA Helps Link Game-Play Performance to Work-Process Performance

On average, PAKRA clients report an ROI of $77$135 for every dollar spent.

The PAKRA training demos that I have seen are excellent and I believe will resonate with the target Gen Y’s that make up the majority of the post-sale talent pool. It’s a win/win.Garry Schultz, vice-president of customer service at AVG

“The reason I passionately spearheaded the efforts in Genpact for PAKRA is because I believe in the value that it offers. Right product and platform in the right place at the right time is PAKRA! – Harlina Sodhi, senior vice-president of learning and organization development at Reliance Industries

We’re building the team to be aggressive 'hunters' that use technology like PAKRA to their advantage, to reach as many prospects and customers as possible with the NetApp story. My boss is constantly searching for ways to not only improve productivity but also improve effectiveness. It’s one thing to be productive, but it’s another thing to actually deliver. The other aspect to this is that the technology needs to be fun. I think that it’s a blend of these things, and PAKRA delivers both. – Kevin McLaughlin, inside sales manager at NetApp

What do you get from this free demo?

  • Learn about our flexible, scalable software platform that supports real-time web-based simulations, decision analytics, and game-play.
  • See how recruiters, trainers and managers can get a powerful and cost-effective tool to help train, manage and develop a more effective workforce.