PAKRA® Games

Ensure your employees are ready to deal with your valuable customers — before the interaction ever happens — with PAKRA® Games. Highly engaging and immersive PAKRA® Action Agent Games simulate real-world customer-facing and process-driven interactions — via any mode of communication, from face-to-face to phone to chat to email to social media.

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Customized to simulate your business processes, PAKRA Serious Games are a fun, proven way to teach customer-interaction skills, including

  • Process
  • Systems
  • Critical-Thinking
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Cross-selling across products and various interaction channels

Employees like learning via games. Why? They are fun, they are realistic, they are informative. And they are effective: Employees are 92% more likely to apply content learned through PAKRA® Games than through standard training.

PAKRA designs scoring and game mechanics to match employees actual work, incorporating real audio and video with Bloom's Taxonomy and Kirkpatrick Model Level 4 learning theories.

Game players and managers track progress against set performance metrics. PAKRA® Games repeated play, immersive learning and multiple levels result in

  • Reduced learning curves
  • Lower scrap rate of learning
  • Higher content-application rates
  • Better overall performance

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