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PAKRA works with you to understand the knowledge, skills and behaviors critical to maximizing your customers experience, and to explore opportunities for business improvement across all channels of contact, including face-to-face, phone/voice, chat, web, email and social media (such as Twitter, Google+ Facebook and LinkedIn).

PAKRA then customizes Serious Games and a SaaS platform for learning and performance management such that you manage learners applying their skills to their work processes.

Fun, engaging multimedia PAKRA® Games simulate your work processes and provide a practice environment where your employees acquire critical-thinking and decision-making skills — before they engage with prospects and customers.

PAKRA® Console and Analytics provide people-management tools and business intelligence to recruiters, trainers and managers. In turn, they can predict, track and manage learning ability, business process and employee performance.


PAKRA helps you manage and scale work processes such as:

  • Brand Management: Awareness, Product Launch, Marketing
  • Lead Management: Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Lead Nurturing
  • Sales Management: Opportunity Generation, Pipeline, Contracting
  • Order/Service Management: Ordering, Fulfillment, Customer Service, Service Recovery
  • Cash Management: Billing, Collections, Contract Renewal

PAKRA helps you

  • Decrease your employees learning curve
  • Maximize the potential of your customer-interaction channel
  • Reduce employee variation within your work process
PAKRA clients report ROI of $77–$135 for every dollar spent.


  • Lean Six Sigma customer-facing processes
  • Metric-driven and aligned strategies among people, technology and business-process
  • Optimized throughput rate
  • Increased cross-functional accountability
  • Increased trainer and coach capacity for ramping up resources and deploying new technology or new products
  • Reduced learning curve
  • Reduced variation among associates' performance
  • Reduced retention and training costs
  • Reduced scrap rate of learning

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A Remarkable Learning Company

PAKRA® Games: Learn via simulated work processes before interacting with real customers.

PAKRA® Human-Capital Management SaaS: Scalable, on-demand tools and real work process analytics for managers, trainers and recruiters to make targeted and informed decisions.

PAKRA® Consulting Services: Leverage each channel and maximize employee learning and adoption of business process and technology.