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Professor Ross Wirth finds that Google+ potentially can provide an API that helps collaboration: A Gobsmacked™ YouTube Video

In this edition of Gobsmacked™TV:

Rini Das, Gobsmacked Queen hangsout with Dr. Ross Wirth, Asst. Provost of Academic Quality at Franklin University.

We see Google+ having the capability to add series of functionalities and become a viable collaboration platform, where all can distribute content and make learning accessible via a crowd-sourced platform.

We also believe that it has the potential on which one can build a "gamified" environment for learning, product/service development and sales and customer-service processes. This  is relevant for "future of work" - geographically-dispersed teams.
We have more questions for you to answer.
* How are you using Google products for collaborative projects?
* Do you foresee that Google+ will make Google become a collaboration-as-a-service platform?
Share your stories.
Please join the community and answer Professor Wirth's questions.
Wink! Wink! Many ideas for tech start-ups here: Solutions that will address a big market need.

Watch the video here.

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